Patient Information Cerebral Aneurysm

The topic of Cerebral (Brain) Aneurysm is endless.   Also, unlike many other conditions presented on this site, cerebral aneurysms justly receive attention from all kinds of legitimate groups and organizations.  I had felt, until recently, that there was no particular need to reinvent the wheel — except when you think you can make a better wheel, or a more specialized one, at any rate.  Therefore, a new page “Patient Information Brain Aneurysm” is now up — containing some more specific information on the topic, which may be of interests to the reader, especially if the reader is also a patient.

As far as our own experience with cerebral aneurysms, the NYU neurointerventional radiology section, headed by my mentor Dr. Peter Kim Nelson, has been a world leader in innovation and treatment of cerebral aneurysms, in all ages and of all complexities.

While a great deal can be said about aneurysms in general, it is truly impossible to make the discussion relevant to the individual patient, with his or her particular situation.  The only way to meaningfully inform the patient is by direct conversation and review of imaging studies.

Should you need more information, or if you are a patient wishing to make an appointment, you can write me directly via the “Contact Us” section, or call the office at 1-212-263-6008