Welcome to Neuroangio! The purpose of this site is to serve as an education and information resource, for both patients and professionals, on topics related to vascular anatomy and pathology of brain, neck, and spine.

In tribute to the ABC-WIN conference we hope to attend in 2022, neuroangio.org has initiated a major overhaul of the website — see updated skull base figure below

In further tribute, and to continue our promised overhaul, the diagram below will be put to work as well, highlighting the interconnectedness of vascular networks and a more encompassing perspective on “normal” and “variant” anatomy

neuroangio.org has gone BANANAZ

In response to the global shift of education to online platforms, neuroangio.org is providing free online neurovascular anatomy education via our BANANAZ weekly seminars

The author, Maksim Shapiro, MD is a neurointerventional radiologist in at the NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, and can be reached with questions, comments, appointment requests, etc. via the Contact Us section.

Neuroangio.org is dedicated to the memory of Professor Pierre Lasjaunias.  A brilliant anatomist and prolific author, his landmark publication of “Surgical Neuroangiography“, together with  Drs. Berenstein and Ter Brugge, revolutionized the field of neurointerventional radiology.  His ideas are ever-present. For example, neurovascular evolution and vascular neuroembryology sections are essentially simplified versions of his work, and are particularly recommended for neurointerventional trainees.