Adding to the medical image library, these photos show the beauty of stereo photography.  They are made with a regular smartphone (Samsung Galaxy 9) by taking an image, shifting the phone 5-6 cm to the side (roughly the interpupillary distance) and taking another image.  The images here are presented in two modes — crosseye (two images side by side) and anaglyph stereo. The cross-eye pictures are the “raw data” and can be processed in any myriad ways to be viewed in stereo by other means (polarization, etc).  They were taken on Maui.

  1. Lahaina Pali Trail, Sunset

2. Lahaina Pali Trail, Sunset

3. Hoapili Trail

4. Hoapili Trail

5. Hoapili Trail

6. Hoapili Trail

7. Haleakala National Park

8. Haleakala National Park