Artery of Heubner

Though shalt not covet your neighbor’s….

There is really nothing special about Heubner artery — its simply the most medial of lenticulostriates.  Really, why should the lateral group not feel cheated?

In the MCA and ACA pages, we treat broadly the notion that all lenticulostriates are created equal — and Heubner is not more equal than others.  its a balance — there can be dominance of any lenticulostriates — lateral, medial, whatever.  Defining the “classic” territory of Heubner is an exercise in futility.  Its all about balance.

Here is a very large Heubner (arrows), with a few branches of its own (arrowheads) arising from ACOM region, and taking over all medial and some lateral lenticulostriates (dashed arrow) which are thus small in caliber.  Why not

Cross eye stereo


View from back shows small caliber of lateral lenticulostriates (dashed arrows) — again balance — big Heubner means small lateral group.  A very small and very lateral branch (ball arrow) is probably taking care of external capsule area

Anaglyph view from back

View from above shows its A1-A2 junction origin

Heubner is best seen from contralateral injections (on DSA), with its territory unobscured by other ipsilateral branches

DYNA VR images.  The ipsilateral Heubner (also proximal A2 origin) is dashed arrows

An elegant, if inconstant, way to see Heubner territory is by looking at CBCT MIP images.  In this case, the territory is well seen (ovals)


Not bad huh — lots more on ACA page