Neurointerventional Techniques

This page is geared towards interventional neuroradiology/ neurovascular surgery / whatever your specialty wants to call it — trainees and practitioners.  For many, it will be no more than presentation of what they have learned and practiced.  Others may see it as a different way of approaching the issue.  For those not directly involved in intervention, this discussion may be useful in terms of its relationship to symptomatology and imaging (particularly noninvasive).  I invite you to comment on what you see, in the spirit of continued improvement.  Finally, for reasons that should be obvious, I must refer all of you to the “Disclaimer” section, as a reminder than no information on this site may be used to diagnose or treat any disease — this material, as any on this site, is for educational purposes only.

As a trainee of Drs. Peter Kim Nelson and Tibor Bescke, of NYU Langone Medical Center’s Bernard and Irene Schwartz Neurointerventional Radiology Section, I owe both of them the eternal debt of student gratitude