Vascular Neuroembryology

This section is complementary to “Neurovascular Evolution“; while the latter deals with issues of homology and phylogeny, this is more human-centric.  I believe that, together, these presentations are my most worthwhile additions to neuroangio.  I strongly believe that anyone pursing a neurointerventional (or whatever you might want to call it) career should be thoroughly familiar with neuroembryology, as it is the blueprint of cerebral vasculature and its variation.  In words of Lasjaunias, whose ideas are evepersent in this section, knowledge of anatomy is the most direct way of avoiding complications.  I suggest that all of us, and particularly those practicing neurointerventional, learn and re-learn the subject of neuroembryology.  My opinion, humble as it is, extends particularly to the growing cohort of cross-trainees who, perhaps in light of their primary achievements, are less inclined towards self-motivational basic learning.