Straight Sinus Artery

An under-appreciated vessel. Didn’t even get a whole number in the original drawing. But very real, and important in diseases of the falcotentorial junction. An example of arterial channels in walls of sinuses — similar to the anterior meningeal artery for the SSS or the lateral tentorial arcade for the SPS.

Like everything neuroangio says, its about balance. The artery is larger somewhat, because the bilateral marginal tentorials are hypoplastic

Usually its a continuation of vertebral or PICA origin posterior meningeal artery. In this case, the same continues superiorly in the wall of the proximal Superior Sagittal Sinus (not labeled).

Another one — ILT origin this time

Much better seen with High Res Cone Beam CT

More examples — this one is Accessory Meningeal Origin actually, with a hypoplastic ILT. Balance…

More — back to vert

Another vert origin

Occipital origin transmasotid branch supplying a tentorium cerebelli fistula near the torcular, via artery of straight sinus among others. Kittipong case from BANANAs

More is more — falcotentorial junction fistula

Another one

A great ase of a small but highly symptomatic fistula congesting the basal vein. Microcatheter is in wedge position in the right artery of Wollschlaeger and Wollschlaeger (piodural branch of the Superior Cerebellar Artery). Retrograde injection opacifies the straight sinus artery, then the posterior meningeal, and finally emptying into the right PICA (oval) — seen on the DYNA insert as well. Full case to be added soon..

Bottom line is this — the artery of the straight sinus is real. It is responsible for a kind of “watershed” tentorial region away from the skull — and thus likely with less supply options. This artery of straight sinus is one of the more common small vessels there. Participation in shunts of the area is likely.