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Basic and Advanced Neurovascular ANAtomy Zoom  — BANANAZ — is an online interactive meeting dedicated to neurovascular education.  We are not a passive experience webinar.  You can speak up, chat, and learn. 

The format is a combination of lecture / presentation given by BANANAZ core or guest faculty, followed by discussion and embo club format case presentations.  Anyone can submit cases for embo club — please email if you want to present. Cases should be 10-15 minutes long, to allow for discussion, which is really what this is about.

Past Events


  • April 6th — BANANAZ Ukraine — Discussion of highly complex cases performed during Ukraine RAZOM Co-Pilot Neuro Mission — how to do much more with much less. Video Recording
  • Feb 25th — BANANAZ — Fantastic session with great cases and discussion. Video Recording
    • Sabha Ahmed / Hima Pendharkar — Carotid RETE
    • Vittorio Civelli — Complex MCA aneurysm
    • Nabeel Herial — Complex Basilar Fusiform Aneurysms
    • Dodi Boccardi — Several Vein of Galen Adult Patients — Different Stories
    • Rene Chapot — Venous Sinus Thrombosis Consequences — Revascularization / Stenting in Setting of pos-thrmobosis IH


  • BANANA BITE — Advanced Flow Diversion — Video Recording
    • Advanced Flow Diversion Discussion / Presentations by leading world faculty — especially important discussion of multiple Pipeline Embolization Device and flow diversion aspects
    • Edoardo Boccardi
    • Breehan Chancellor
    • Rene Chapot
    • Peter Kim Nelson
    • Erez Nossek
    • Eytan Raz
    • Howard Riina
    • Isil Saatci
    • Daniel Sahlein
    • Maksim Shapiro
    • Adnan Siddiqui
    • John Wainwright
  • September 10th — BANANAZ Ukraine.  Management of penetrating head and neck trauma. Video Recording
    • Yuri Cherednichenko –Mechnikov Hospital, Dnipro, Ukraine
    • Tareq Kass Hout — Chicago University, USA
    • Melanie Walker — University of Washington, Seattle, USA
    • Dodi Boccardi — Niguarda, Milano, Italy
  • June 4th — embo club — Video Recording
    • Luca Quilici — lumbosacral epidural fistula
    • Mohamad Abdalkader — condylar osseous fistula
    • Dodi Boccardi — spinal pial fistula
    • Hima Pendkarkar — spinal AVM
  • Feb 26th — embo club — Video Recording
    • Drs. Michihiro Tanaka (spinal epidural fistula)
    • Sophia Janjua (parasagittal convexity / SSS fistula)
    • Dodi Boccardi (two direct CC fistulas 20 years apart, highlighting evolution of neurovascular treatments)
    • Tibor Becske (dorsal wall/blister pseudoaneurysm Pipe / retrograde PCOM coil)
    • and Guglielmo Pero (spinal micro avm / fistula).
    • Truly fantastic discussions for all cases!


  • May 11th — embo club — no video — come and see
  • April 13th — embo club — no video — come and see
  • March 9th — Face Transplant and Delayed Aneurysmal SAH — Video Recording
  • February 9th — Intracranial Hypotension / CSF Venous Fistula and more — Video Recording
  • January 12th —  ABC-WIN Val d’Isere in Honor of session — cases / discussion —  Video Recording


  • December 8th — Orbit and Transorbital Interventions — Video Recording
  • November 3rd — Falcotentorial Fistula — Video Recording
  • October 6th — Craniocervical Junction Lecture and Embo Club — Video Recording
  • September 1st — Spinal Vascular Anatomy Lecture and Embo Club — Video Recording
  • August 4th — Practical Neurovascular Embryology Lecture and Embo Club — Video Recording
  • July 7th — Virtual Embo Club / New Fellows Welcome  Video Recording
  • June 30th — Neurovascular Fellows Graduation Day Video Recording
  • June 23rd — Virtual Embo Club
  • June 16th — Venous Aspects of Neurovascular Disease  Video Recording
  • June 9th — Virtual Embo Club
  • June 2nd — Posterior Fossa Veins Video Recording
  • May 26th — Virtual Embo Club
  • May 19th — Deep Venous System Video Recording
  • May 12th — Virtual Embo Club
  • May 5th — Cavernous Sinus  Video Recording
  • April 28th — Virtual Embo Club
  • April 21st — Venous Sinuses  Video Recording Group Chat Record
  • April 14th — Virtual Embo Club
  • April 7th — Superficial Venous System.  Video Recording  Group Chat Record
  • March 31st — Virtual Embo Club Inaugural Meeting


Finally, we periodically release some narrated videos of cases with good anatomical or other learning points, available on channel.  Many more are found on the “Case Library” page

Questions, comments, feedback:  email