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Case Courtesy Dr. Tibor Becske and Omar Kass-Hout

Here is a quick look at a real balloon remodeling case.  Frankly, most cases billed as balloon remodeling can be done without the balloon.  The real case is one that is otherwise impossible to do unless balloon (or stent) is used.  With coils getting better, other options becoming widespread, and balloon skills correspondingly deteriorating, these are few and far between.

A ruptured basilar tip. How’s them apples for coiling?  And large Percheron to boot (arrow) with no left P1


A 4×10 Transform with Barricade coils.  Guess retro skills go with retro coils, Tibor 🙂

Final.  Pretty awesome, huh?  What other endovascular technique can get a result like this today, Percheron and all, without antiplatelets?

For further read, check out our own definitive balloon-remodeling literature review!!  No need to always be bashful.  Lots of people site it