ACOM Aneurysm Coiling Subcallosal Artery Threatened Occlusion and Recovery

One of the most amazing coiling cases ever — that says a lot!!  Courtesy Dr. Eytan Raz  Really, this is about anatomy knowledge, expert imaging, problem recognition, technique, imaginantion — everything wrapped into one case of coiling, in fact.

Ruptured ACOM

DYNA always super helpful… Subcallosal artery clearly seen (white)

Play movie below

Volume Rendered

2D-DSA and VR DYNA CT correlation — origin is red, artery is yellow.

After first coil

After more coils — see the problem (obviously)

A loop of coil against the ostium of the subcallosal artery

Like this

What to do?  See below!!!!

Its back!

See Anterior Cerebral Artery page for more info on the Subcallosal Artery and more cases of Subcallosal Artery associated with ACOM Aneurysms