Stroke M3 Aspiration of 1 mm vessel by a 1.5 mm OD catheter

This happens — vessels are not rigid.  They can accommodate catheters larger than their nominal diameter — carefully…

New onset AFIB. Last known well 24 hours ago

Still a lot to save

First embolus lodges in the superior division, second in M3 parietal branch (arrow)


Sofia 6 in superior division

Post aspiration

Sofia 5 tracks over Marksman and Synchro into M3 — original intent was to aspirate through the Marksman (it works at least half the time — see companion cases here 1, 2).  However, if Sofia tracks all the way, why not?

The OD of Sofia is 1.5 mm.  The target branch is 1 mm.  However, vessels dilate and accommodate when done carefully