Credits & Disclaimer

This website is developed and maintained by Dr. Maksim Shapiro of the New York University Langone Medical Center, a graduate of NYU’s neurology/radiology/neuroradiology combined program, under its director Dr. Peter Kim Nelson.

Disclaimer:  The study of medicine, and neurointerventional radiology in particular, is aimed at diagnosis and treatment of disease.  It therefore stands to perfect disclaimer reasoning that no information on this website should ever be used to guide any medical decisions, or to diagnose / treat any disease whatsoever.  Having said that, I hope you find this site useful, bearing in mind that its contributors have striven, disclaimers notwithstanding, to improve the human condition through refinement in diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The following people have, in various ways, contributed to this website

Dr. Jason Allen, TRA Medical Imaging, graduate of NYU Medical Center, New York
Dr. Tibor Becske, Rochester Health, formerly of NYU Medical Center, New York — my mentor and inspiration
Dr. Jacqueline A. Bello, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY — my mentor and inspiration
Dr. Flavio T. Braga, Santa Casa São Paulo and Fleury Diagnostic Center, Brazil
Dr. Alan Brook, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY
Dr. Hana Choe, Abington Memorial Hospital, graduate of NYU Langone Medical Center, New York
Dr. Ming Huang, NYU Medical Center, New York
Dr. Yun Peng Huang, professor emeritus Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York City.  A brilliant diagnostic neuroradiologist who particularly emphasized the importance of cerebral venous system
Dr. John Loh, NYU Medical Center, New York
Dr. Peter Kim Nelson, NYU Medical Center, New York — my mentor and inspiration
Dr. Martin Ollenschleger, Hartford Hospital Center, graduate of NYU Medical Center
Dr. Eytan Raz, NYU Langone Medical Center, my colleague and inspiration
Dr. Howard Antony Riina, NYU Langone Medical Center
Dr. Daniel Sahlein, Goodman Campbell Group, Indianapolis, formerly of Columbia University, graduate of NYU Medical Center combined neurology/radiology/neuroradiology program — to whom particular credit belongs for motivating creation of the “Patient Information” section
Dr. Chandra Sen, NYU Neurosurgery, for his mentorship and unparalleled skull base expertise and the privilege to participate in combined embolization/resection cases
Jan Ting, for her highly professional artwork, enhancing the educational and aesthetic qualities of the site
Dr. Omar Tanweer, NYU Neurosurgery, for all his help and in particular for his extensive contributions to display of intraoperative / combined endovascular/surgical cases 
Dr. Daniel Zumofen, Basel University Hospital, graduate of NYU Neurointerventional Fellowship
Drs. P. Lasjaunias and A. Berenstein — whose ideas are everpresent