A nice example of the power of aspiration thrombectomy in distal vasculature.  Case courtesy Dr. Peter Kim Nelson

Patient presents with weakness and Broca’s.  CT negative


Angio, proximal M3 embolus

Behold the tracking power of Sofia 5F 125

A mathematical conundrum…  Vessels are not rigid and can accommodate larger catheters.  Especially really trackable and flexible ones like the Sofia.

Post-aspiration with a 60 cc syringe.

Now we get to the anatomy.  Notice really cool venous variants below — fenestrated distal superior sagittal sinus is one.  More interesting, and extremely rare, is variant drainage of superficial sylvian veins via the primitive tentorial sinus (black arrows, not so rare) into the cavernous sinus via a tentorial channel extending superomedially along the middle cranial fossa (white arrows, very rare)

Stereos, cross-eye



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