Case Archives — Bow Hunter’s Syndrome (positional vertebrobasilar insufficiency)

Case Courtesy of Daniel H. Sahlein, MD; Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine / Indiana University Health

Man in mid-sixties presenting with dizziness and “closing curtains” on his vision when turning head to extreme left or right (left worse than right).  CTA demonstrates hypertrophy of the left C4 facet (blue), encroaching upon the vertebral foramen (purple).  The contralateral vert is hypoplastic (yellow)

Bow Hunter Syndrome CTA

Volume rendered images demonstrating facet hypertrophy and, on the right, cutaway with vertebral foraminal narrowing

Bow Hunter Syndrome CTA VR

Frontal and frontal oblique projection angiography confirming vertebral artery impingement during rotation to the left

Bow Hunter Syndrome angio frontal views

Lateral Projections

Bow Hunter Syndrome angio lateral views

Mainstay of treatment is surgical mobilization of the vertebral artery.