Anatomy and Variants

This is the main arterial section, devoted to cervical and cranial arterial anatomy.  Each of the following vessels is discussed with associated angiographic and non-invasive illustrations.  The drop down menu above links to the same pages.

Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (AICA) 

Anterior Cerebral Artery 

Anterior Choroidal Artery 

Aortic Arch 

Ascending Pharyngeal Artery 

Basilar Artery 

Dorsal Ophthalmic Artery

Inferolateral Trunk (ILT)

Internal Carotid Artery and Its Aneurysms

Mandibulovidian Artery

Meningeal Vessels

Middle Cerebral Artery

Middle Meningeal Artery 

Occipital Artery 

Ophthalmic Artery

Posterior Cerebral Artery

Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (PICA) 

Posterior Choroidal Arteries 

Posterior Communicating Artery 

Posterior Meningeal Artery 

Subclavian Artery 

Superior Cerebellar Artery 

Thyroid Arteries 

Ventral Ophthalmic Artery

Vertebral Artery 

Vertebrobasilar System