Acute Stroke Intracranial Stenting

Case Courtesy Dr. Eytan Raz

Another case of acute stenting when thrombectomy fails — an underutilized technique when we know how bad it is to leave the M1 closed.  Here is another example (see one here also)

M1 occlusion, inferior division already shows signs of ischemia. The superior division still seems salvageable

Culprit lesion at bifurcation of dominant superior division MCA

Angio shows bare minimum of superior division flow

Just like CTA


Post Solitaire. Not much better

Attempting angioplasty

Post plasty is worse, as happens not too rarely.  Cant plasty unless you are ready to stent

Wire access is kept on purpose

A Promus stent is deployed.  The guide is a simple VERT 5F catheter.  Commodity-style.  This stent costs far less than a Neuroform, Atlas, or Wingspan.  It is as easy to track as a noncompliant balloon of similar size and simple to deploy.  We prefer off-label balloon-mounted stents for all intracranial stenting.


Post angio. The snowplow effect has almost closed the already infarcted small inferior division M2, while dominant superior division looks perfect

Global views

24 hour CT

Check out another similar case here.


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