Tentorial Dural Fistula Hybrid Double Angle and Scepter Mini Embolization

Tentorial Fistula — “direct” high grade.  See “Dural Venous Channels” page for more background info

Both fistula and brain are using the superior vermian vein

As seen on the MRA

DYNA recons

Hybrid 0.07 double angle and Scepter Mini combo — excellent marriage.  Actually, it’s menage a trois with headway duo there as well.

Balloon up

Onyx 18 — finally penetrates the foot of the vein in frame 5. Shortly afterward onyx solidified in the mini and futher progress was not possible.  This is the distinct downside of using the mini with an 18 system.



The superior vermian vein has been returned to the brain

Flipped horizontally

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